This is Her!


you made me forget what i came here for.
and by the time you finish your coffee,
i’ll forget what i wanted to say so badly.
yeah, you made me forget what i
came here for.


crunching time
what a great day for the flowers to fall
in a wayward pattern, in a flower coil
more heady than necessary,
more body to carry
leaving Nothing at all

what’s wanted

Explain me why,
“indignant child”
I brat, demanding when
and where I can have you
how I want.

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i like your hands…

so, take those hands,
around this broken heart
(it’s actually fully-functional,
thank you very much)

and squeeze,
(squeeze for good measure)

until the blood runs
down your arms
and i can learn
to fake your touch.

i, ego

That night i was going through something.
i begged you to call me God and you did,
but i didn’t feel much like a God at that.

Is it too complex, oxymoronic—
to be both pathetic and still demanding
still a disease, yet grossly big-headed?

i can’t remember what i was going through
just sorry for the fact that i also took you.

cherry burst red

holy shit—
when the heart explodes
into millions of pieces of candy shrapnel,
the face blossoms into a cherry burst red
(and it’s unstoppable).


cashmere, velvet whipped cream
floral scented beauty lovely
content laden (content in
musky dark and radiating depth)

soul eater

monster awakens
her soul is roaring to go
bite marks; now deeper


I had this one dream about you…
and since I can never say these words to your face,
perhaps I can spell them.

It was you,
a bottle of whisky,
temptation sticky in the evening air—
all these thoughts of you I wished to share!

We leaned in,
and I awoke.

The Butterflies Don’t Seem To Want Me

Have I overstayed my visit?
Was there enough left to explore?
Their flutters so exquisite—
had I not been bold before?

I thought my heart was big enough
to shelter every wisp—
the safety coming more undone
with each wing that I kissed.


I woke up coughing and spluttering your name,
as if emerging from that pool of rest
and finding my gills turned back to lungs,
and finding I never had gills at all.

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