Conversation is hard, but conversation is easy.

Language is thrust upon us from the moment we come tearing out of our mothers, and follows us until we die. So it would seem that talking, discourse, conversation, should be as easy as breathing. In some cases it is. In some cases it isn’t. But few people actually know how to converse well.

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The Long Way Home

THELMA is sitting on a chair in the foreground of the train, looking out of the window. A couple comprising of A YOUNG MAN and a YOUNG LADY are in the background, standing up and holding onto the hanging straps. They are swaying with the movement of the train. The Young Man is holding a rolled up newspaper in his free hand.

I don’t like trains. They make me nervous.

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Character Flaws

Credit: Yvonne Strover Captain – is harbouring some severely disturbing secrets. He also can’t grok people and their behaviour in its fullness (he can understand and read/predict people, grokking something in my understanding is something else entirely). He just draws patterns really I guess. Rhuba – overestimates her strengths and her limits. She takes on more than she can handle basically. While it is out of the goodness of her heart it may end up causing more harm. But for good or for ill she is unbreakable.

Dinner Blues

SYNOPSIS: A heated conversation in the dining room.  INT – DINING ROOM REYNARD and RHUBA are sitting in the dining room, which connects to the kitchen on one side. Rhuba has an arm broken on either side of her. Reynard is wearing a ridiculously typical “big-nose-and-black-glasses” disguise just for fun. They’re making idle chit-chat, it is nearing late at night. REYNARD: You know, Rhu, I noticed that the kitchen sink has been piling up with dishes lately. You haven’t cleaned up in there for what, three days now? RHUBA: I have two broken arms!

Let Down (Your Hair)

SYNOPSIS: It’s been seven months since Rhuba came up with the idea of making a short film to pass the time while bored on the ship. They’re finally approaching the last few scenes. CILA – Rapunzel RHUBA – director/camera CAP’N– Prince Charming BIGBY – Trees/horses REYNARD– Other characters/horses DELL – other characters/stage direction  INT – PEACESHOOTER: In a special room on board of the Peaceshooter, the crew get ready to finish their slow-moving short film based on the old fable of Rapunzel. BIGBY stands tall with his arms out as DELL takes his measurements. BIGBY: Have heard that this story […]

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