Character Flaws

Credit: Yvonne Strover

Captain – is harbouring some severely disturbing secrets. He also can’t grok people and their behaviour in its fullness (he can understand and read/predict people, grokking something in my understanding is something else entirely). He just draws patterns really I guess.

Rhuba – overestimates her strengths and her limits. She takes on more than she can handle basically. While it is out of the goodness of her heart it may end up causing more harm. But for good or for ill she is unbreakable.

Cila – lacks the ability to express darker feelings she has. People aren’t sure if she feels bad for anything. And is as nosy as one can be (I mean this is useful sometimes. She has found resourcefulness in her compulsion to find out people’s story).

Bigby – has self image issues. Spends a lot of time grooming and reacts poorly to appearing unkempt. He also underestimates his strength. Breaking all the shit. Lucky he is a repairmechangineer (repair man|mechanic|engineer )

Reynard – lies a lot and is good at it. He may know a ton of stuff but he pads it with wit and bullshit because he can lie like a motherfucker. He is a trickster. Oh a by-product of his traits is his intense love and affinity for disguises. Specifically cross dressing

Dell – she is filled with a deep shame about a number of things. Also she and Rey have collaborated in becoming the deceptive and disguise loving people they are. They share and swap many traits over their relationship.

JP – he is an abomination. He seems to just be half robot half weird oversized cat but there’s some voodoo going on in that dude. He is also stricken with a curiosity so intense it may cause him to bypass the whole “morals” thing from time to time. Or just all of the time. And he is a talented surgeon (yes this is supposed to be in the bad traits area). Oh and he has a bad temper.

Jed – is a nerd. And an accountant. What a loser.

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