Dinner Blues

SYNOPSIS: A heated conversation in the dining room. 


REYNARD and RHUBA are sitting in the dining room, which connects to the kitchen on one side. Rhuba has an arm broken on either side of her. Reynard is wearing a ridiculously typical “big-nose-and-black-glasses” disguise just for fun. They’re making idle chit-chat, it is nearing late at night.

You know, Rhu, I noticed that the kitchen sink has been piling up with dishes lately. You haven’t cleaned up in there for what, three days now?

I have two broken arms!

You still have two good ones.

Oh trust me, you’ll be feeling the force of all four when the casts come off.

Is that a threat or a promise? Because that just sounds like a good time to me.

Reynard, you can shut your mouth. And anyway, who appointed me as the maid of this ship? Last time I checked, we were all a team. And half those dishes are yours!

Oh, don’t be so mean… you’re like the mother of this ship! Isn’t it something you enjoy? I thought you liked cleaning.

CAPTAIN walks in with LOBSER 1 on his shoulder. Lobster 1 is labelled.

—thought who liked cleaning?

RHUBA (disgusted):
Me, apparently.

If it’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that you should never say something like that to a woman. Especially if she has twice the regular amount of hands to slap you with.

Rhuba grins, and Reynard holds up his arms in surrender. The Captain looks back at Rhuba seriously, rubbing his chin.

CAPAIN (cont’d):
But yes, Rhuba, is there an estimate on dinner for this evening? I’m starved.

RHUBA (angry):
Oh, I’ll tell you where you can put your dinner!

Rhuba storms out of the room, giving two middle fingers to Reynard and two middle fingers to The Captain.

If you liked that and are interested to see how Yvonne Strover turned it into a comic, click here!

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