inertia; rosewater

i am finding it hard to

stop the bleeding. you


u make this harder

for me all the time

i’m up against a brick

wall here, hello?

in a tunnel

it’s not the worst thing …

i’m thinking about what

i’d like to do to you.

i’m turning you into cement


did you

u wanna know

something ? i don’t like u

i never have

talk over me

one more time, &

i’ll make sure

you never talk again.

fuckin freak …

you used to love that

about me.

garden hasnt been

watered in a while

it’s rotting, it’s

wilting. what is

there to do?

i paid the man to

take the roses. the

ones u liked were

out of stock


did you get my


not suspicious

found the bones

u left in the rose bush. the

fuck is wrong with u ? !

so horny right now.


bad timing?

miss the part where ur

an actual human being

and im not cleaning it !

anyway, i’d just mix you

up in it all. no point

getting mad about it

the car door —

closed !

you’re free to come & go as you please. you

know that right? it’s not like you’re being

held hostage or something.

ur taking up my space

fight back. it won’t be an issue


to get rid of you.

u arent as strong as

u think u are


i’m stronger than you.

i know u

hurt somewhere


you’re maddeningly

beguiling, you know


ur so charming in

every way

the mail came

mailman, too?

shut the fuck up


oh good. wouldn’t

want that mouth of

yours going to waste.

the letters i got

were bills overdue.

& one letter from


open if u


oh, i did. thanks

for the roses, but

i’m allergic.

ur magic is allergy

allegory, my dead.


that is not hygienic


needle ? ur getting

an injection ? u cant

u shouldnt at least

injected rosewater

could be nice. maybe

a bit thorny.

neighbour was around

with some apple pie

giving it out to anyone, right?

i saved u a slice

could spray it like a fine mist. be

covered in pink.

dolly ate it

mix it with

some gelatin, make

a salve of some sort.

a rose-jelly slice

i shouldn’t have let

you get away with


dolly does what

dolly wants

dolly is in big trouble.

a panic-attack on the way

driving down the road

u ordered it right ? take away ?

if i wanted a panic

attack for dinner

i would have made

it myself.

nothing beats

homemade cooking.

homemakers cooking

and correction: u do

oh, you’re funny.

i love u

you do make it easy

to love you.


it’s not happening though.

not tonight, at least. definitely

not in your lifetime.

if u love me

im a whore

if u hate me

you’re a whore?

a slut

you’re not any slut.

dinner’s ready.

there’s nothing

wrong with it


poisoned this time?

is it helpful ? u

have an ulcer

u fell into the swimming

pool. said it tasted

like ethanol

i don’t remember

that. lock the doors,


train’s coming

reheated pasta? i’m


i’m afraid

i know u mean what

u say

that’s a leap.

what ?

a jump.

maybe i should

well, i didn’t say anything. but

i would be missing you.

u wouldnt let me i think

i think you’re

lying about it. lights on?

i wouldnt feel the need

& honestly i haven’t

been paying


just do it for me

this is the only

fucking thing i know

how to do!

more wine?

no. i was bruised

this morning

it is a thing to be

alive u know

u could try it

i’m over it. the past few

dinners have been sad, &

lonely. you can come

back whenever you want.

well i cant leave can i ?

if you’re running you

won’t get far.


you’ll run out of petrol.

it is easier to be quiet

and pass the peas


maybe later


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