only unpleasant

i dont want any sympathy

just need a friend

Uh huh. Whatever’s damaged, it

ain’t you.

What were ya called?

thankless, and


Nothin’ wrong with



Hurt you?

edge to edge

healed now

i got scared a minute

ago. looked out my window and

thought i saw someone.

it wasnt tho

Too dark out.

it was only unpleasant

Should be checkin’ the

mirror instead. Reading

a magazine.

passing the time at least

do u have intimacy


Too long ago.

Yer not as wound up

as ya used to be.

yeah, i met cherry


She’ll kill ya.

heres hopin

im joking

Am not.

You live better, now.

i do ?

I’m beggin’ ya.

people keep fuckin throwing

empty bottles into the garden

Uh huh. Heard a

rumble last night, thought

of you.

the fence was meant

to be higher. passengers

are drunk all the time

remember spying on

the neighbours ?

Remember checkin’

your back yard like we were

doin’ community service.

good aim i think

Don’t think

I didn’t try


Thought ya


keep seein shadows

They seein’ you?

not yet

It is a mess.

best leave

Ya need somethin’

more secure. Else yer


not bound to me,

only the house

You really think that?

its no secret

No, folklore.

so boring living so little

im sure eyes peeking

dont mind me

It’s a task to be


Livin’ used to be


lots of thinking all

the time. waiting

at the platform

You never get on.

go where ?


watering the plants

Outside, you can

hear the announcements. I


That get annoyin’?

never bothered me

bags packed

Well, I hope

you do.

faster than light

Someone will

take care of it.


just for you.

nah. its

sinkin into the ground

nasty little place

Someone could

love it.

it is ugly and


halfway to hell im sure

why love ?

Why not?


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