still & silent forever

you’d be wise.

if you were, you

would be.


answer me


i never have been

it is ecstasy to

fight with you.

i don’t know

you used to.

nothin helps

trust me

stop trying

itll get worse

is the door locked ?

that’s not really

my field of expertise.

your picture was in a magazine.

no it wasn’t

a newspaper maybe


last year, on halloween

you told me a secret

do you remember it?

a recipe


u told me a secret too

not with ur mouth

ur hand on my thigh

wedding band

branding my skin

you said it was hot.

you thought it was hot.

no i dont

& you still do.

ur house is fuckin haunted u know

u should move

as if.

why do you always try

to leave me?

there is something

seriously lacking

speaking in tongues.

u are not meant to live

like how this is

i’m leaving breadcrumbs,

this isn’t rocket science.

you won’t die.

i don’t care about that

u wont take death for an answer

true. you’re

so smart.

i thought about it lots

new car

at the front

not your best


u wanted me to see

dont lie to me

i don’t lie in general. lying

rots your teeth.

why’d you leave

the dishes in the sink?

felt like it

i saw through the window.

you’re not sick

are you?

no. u maybe


yes. stomach

flu. i pricked my finger

last night, in the

back yard.

bandaid ?

don’t bother.

it is easy

to be hurt

out there

i know that.

you saw the smoke?

i hate smoke

sensitive lungs

bad lungs

u know that

so stay inside.

it is too hot

going out is better

than nothin

the water can be nice

and cooling

the temperature doesnt matter

all bucket & spade.

must have thought you

were a lifeguard.

or on a playdate.

no. i blend in

nobody notices me

i noticed you.

i dressed up, halloween

u wont recognise me

not like last year

last year, you

were smoking.

hot ?


by the firepit. arms

crossed. cigarette between

your lips.

not me

i would die

you nearly did. shivering

in your tiny dress.

i wasnt wearing a dress

not for long.

you’ve always been so…

accessible, you know?

at least, that’s what

everyone says about you.

even dolly blushes.

shut up

shut the fuck up

could you kindly shut the fuck up ?

my hand squeezing your thigh.

your skin was so cold.

& you looked like an





i could warn you


u really couldnt

not big enough to

the ocean is out

you shouldn’t tell me that.

night time. the

moon is bright

soon time

always so polite.

a part of me thinks

you just like the challenge.

no fun being still and

silent forever


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