please sorry thank you

lavender blush


when there’s nobody to watch

it’s really a love poem

lots of people do that

growing when i wanna shrink

enough of what’s inside your head

see you in church

she has an alibi

never deal in absolutes

how to get happy

i could be ur next possession

life is a franchise

jewellery gestures

i hate what happened to us

sorry we missed you

loving u loudly

should we rule the world together ?

more reasons to love you

everything could be beautiful

i stole a rainbow for you

way too sugary for midnight

i only miss it a little bit

i guess you thought that was funny

my tongue is not appealing

rejected by a robot

it might be nice to evolve

please save us gen z

sleeping in an empty house

love like this

all celebrities are predators

i’m not so good in that direction

it’s been happening all the time

i really appreciated that tweet

login & password please

what would you like him to do to you ?

release me from ur spell

nothing to see here — yet

why are you wearing gloves

i don’t amount to much

monopoly on truth

u bow to me now

keep goin'

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