ever ;;; want

what living is like

when the world ends

give me ur filth

the poorly-understood poet

you look good in black & white

Free the Beast

can’t resist your heat

i reject all systems

Man braucht nur die Energie.

but all i do is pray to her

conventional culture always corrupts

the criticism comes from within

all this. all yours.

mourning an empty grave

in a world with no way out

lover who suffers

rolling my eyes

how human do you allow yourself to be

in every lie there is truth

your moans. on repeat. in my head.

& a flirty flavour

it’s a bit more complicated than that

he said i won’t pick up ur pieces

u taste better when ur broken

sugar in the fridge

press snooze : snooze : snooze

lovely to have met you

it doesn’t get more Sensational

most recent millionaire

an old flame / setting me on fire again

should i go again

no such thing as apolitical

in the woods. befriending faeries.

wanna touch my professor

send ! that ! risky ! text !

oh lord i’m vain

i’ll autograph your broken heart

Please Feel Better Soon !

love with every stranger

the stranger the better

keep goin'

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