Food was good. Tomorrow


oh, i don’t know.

Okay, well. Your choice.

But for what it’s worth,

I enjoyed my time

with you.

thanks, pumpkin pie

is my favourite.

You are

fattening me up!

i can be charming

when i want to be.

I don’t

doubt it.


tomorrow’s not a

good day for me though.


Okay. I’m free

this weekend.

Or are you busy

then too?

It’s not like I’m

overeager. I’m just


sure. i’m waiting for

the end of the year.

And the train station

is so close to your house. It’s

so convenient.

holiday season is the best

season. the festivities. everyone

is a lot happier.

wicked weather though. i

prefer the warmth.

It’s no trouble at all,

my coming over. If

that’s what you’re

worried about.

it’s loud being so close though. annoying

as fuck. drills my ears. maybe time

to move.

I don’t know, I’m

not from around here.

worrying about the letter

i got today.

You sounded distracted.

it’s better not to think about it.

did you like

the food?

Very much. Pumpkin pie

is great.

it’s my favourite.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

you shouldn’t have left.


I was hoping you’d

say that.

i should have shown you

the garden. it’s nice.

I didn’t see any flowers


i think i prefer slavery.


Yeah, me too. Savoury tooth.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice

and sunny.

tomorrow is not

a good day for me. chiro.

go to the beach?

No, I don’t much like

the beach. I burn

too easily.


I don’t like


you are sensitive.

You have

no idea.

You could find out.

pool’s probably better

anyway. no sand getting


do you write letters? i mean,

does anyone write them


seriously. who writes


You’re writing letters.

Me, too. I guess.

i wouldn’t write half

this shit. it pisses

me off.


like, i do

I feel like

everything for you

& then

I’m just not

you start with the

accusations & emotional


enough for

saying all this bullshit,

fucking the mailman


you, in any

the neighbour, pretending you

give two shits about his

fucking apple pie.

capacity. I don’t

you stop watering the plants

& turning on the lights &

answering the phone

understand why we can’t

like you’re trying to hide

your new life & your shitty car

just talk like

you expect me to be fine with


normal people!

That’s not me.

You know that, right?

it doesn’t matter. letters

should just be obsolete. i’m

stress-eating right now.

Maybe you should…

you know.

See someone.

i’m seeing you.

I guess so.


yeah, sure.


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